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Pensacola Beach Weddings Jorgia and Bobby testimonial 10.2016

We absolutely loved our experience with Pensacola Beach Weddings!! Lynas was so helpful and accommodating. It is exhausting and nerve-wracking to plan a wedding from another state, she was able to take so much weight off of my shoulders! We honestly just had to show up and everything was taken care of. I am obsessed with the pictures that they took as well. I don't think I could've imagined a better wedding day experience. Thank you so much Lynas and Chuck for all that you did for us and our special day.

Best regards,
 Jorgia and Bobby Goines
Pensacola Beach Weddings Kim and Mark Renewal

As we were planning our vow renewal, we couldn't have been more pleased with the services of Pensacola Beach Weddings. First off, the website is very informative about every detail regarding a wedding/renewal, which is very helpful.  Secondly, Lynas is an extremely professional and positive individual who is amazing to work with.  She will do everything possible to ensure your day is spectacular. Most importantly, we appreciated the genuine sincerity of Lynas and her father, Chuck. They are an amazing team and we cannot thank them enough for making our 15th wedding anniversary and vow renewal everything we always dreamed about. We will always be thankful to them for making our day so magical for us.  

Love, Kim and Mark

Pensacola Beach Weddings Michelle and Eddie

This day was so perfect with the help of Miss Lynas and Mr. Chuck. They were absolutely amazing with EVERYTHING! This wedding was so stress-free for me (I couldn’t believe it). With Miss Lynas’ help I planned this wedding in 2 months! She was always there for me when I needed to ask questions or needed confirmation on things. I told her what I wanted and she took care of it. It was so simple. She was great! She helped make my dream wedding come true. I live out of town, but Miss Lynas was able to help me pick the best restaurant for our wedding lunch and an amazing photographer and videographer. She even put together my bouquets and boutonnieres for me (all I had to do was send her a picture) and she made the exact bouquet and boutonnieres. Mr. Chuck was also the best officiant and wonderful man. He was so patient and kind. We were 30 minutes late for the ceremony and they were so understanding. The entire wedding went like I had planned and was perfect thanks to the help of Miss Lynas and Mr. Chuck. They are the best!!!

Love,   Eddie and Michelle

Pensacola Beach Weddings Papa with Rita and Ben 6.2013


I hope you and your Father are doing great! I'm so happy to share with everyone how wonderful y'all were

and what a terrific wedding experience we had with you! Y'all truly were amazing and we are so

appreciative! You both were incredible and we are so grateful to you!

Love, Rita and Ben

Pensacola Beach Weddings Kathryn tender kiss

 Lynas and Chuck,

 We received both the photos and prints. They are beautiful! Thank you so much for helping to capture such a special moment in our lives. We couldn't be happier with the photos and the ceremony itself. 
Thank you again,  Kathryn & David


Lauren and Cordtland warmify


I wanted to call and tell you that I couldn’t be happier with the pictures. They were stunning. I was nervous at first with the weather but you couldn’t even tell it was cloudy out.  Thank you so much for all you and your Dad did for us!!! It was all I ever wanted and more!

Cordtland and Lauren H.

Pensacola Beach Weddings Caveena and Michael

If I could rate on a scale of 1 to 5, I'd rate Five Stars...more than Five Stars, if I could! Lynas was so sweet through the entire planning process...with a crazy amount of emails and questions that I sent (what seemed to be) daily. She made the vision of our perfect beach wedding a reality, and her sweet Dad, Chuck Randle, Officiated the ceremony. He is humble and kind and made the actual ceremony extra special. I would recommend them to anyone planning their dream day.

Much love to you guys! Michael and Cavenna

IMG 6454

Rob and I want to thank Chuck and his daughter Lynas for creating a picture perfect day for us.

The beautiful arch, the touching sand ceremony with our children and the sweet blessings from the

heartfelt ceremony. Lynas was wonderful in organizing the music, photographer and the little details

that made our day wonderfully beautiful!!

IMG 6632

They did an excellent job. I had lots of questions about things there since we were out of state. She answers every one and then some. They went far and beyond for us. I won't ever be able to thank them enough for them helping to make our special day. 

Rachelle & Daniel

Pensacola Beach Weddings Rena and Russ smiling 2.2015

I think everyone should want to have their wedding with Pensacola Beach as their backdrop and most definitely using Pensacola Beach Weddings to facilitate the ceremony because with them you're not just getting a service, you are getting heart from two gentle, caring souls who take what they do deeper than just a business someone hires.

Thank you again and yes,we will stay in touch. Rena and Russ 

Pensacola Beach Weddings Paul and SandyDr. Randle,

I just had to email you and tell you how wonderful our wedding was. It was more beautiful and special than I had hoped! We are back home as of last nite…I loved it, and I thank you so much for putting up with our changes.

I love our pictures! I am so glad we chose to do it like we did. Thank you so much for making this so special for us…..still sinking in we are married. Tell your daughter thanks also for the wonderful pictures and being so kind.

Sincerely, Stacy W.

Pensacola Beach Weddings family sand ceremony 2

I just renewed my vows with Chuck & Lynas on Sunday. It was the most amazing experience and more than I ever expected!! Lynas went above and beyond for me and always kept in touch with me up until our renewal date. She made sure I was 100% happy with everything they were doing & did.

She made everybody in our wedding party and our guests feel comfortable and happy to be there! Would not have gone with any others to do my ceremony and will ALWAYS recommend Pensacola Beach Weddings with Chuck & Lynas.

Pensacola Beach Weddings daisies


I want to thank you again for all you did for my wedding!: ) You and your dad made the whole  day so easy for us, and have always been so pleasant to us.

I’m so glad my sister found your website when we were in the beginning stages of planning!  The whole day was absolutely amazing!

Again, thank you so much for everything you and your dad did for us that day.

Thanks!   Amy

Pensacola Beach Weddings Nicole and Juan family

Hi Lynas,

I wanted to thank you and your dad for taking on our wedding on such short notice back in August. It was so beautiful and I wanted to thank you all again for your patience with us and making our day everything we wanted.

I’m so thankful for you and your dad and everything you did for Juan and me.  Take care!


Pensacola Beach Weddings Jordan and Michael sweet look

Chuck and Lynas,

Where do I begin? You were absolutely amazing in officiating and photographing my daughter's wedding. Without your guidance we also wouldn’t have known where to get flowers, the cake, and where to get her hair done.

The pictures you took are outstanding and the personal touch of “the knot” for the wedding ceremony truly touched my soul. You are the absolute best in the Pensacola area and I hope anyone getting married is smart enough to contact you!

All the best, Lisa V-H (from MA but wishing now I lived in Pensacola!) 

     IMG 1264

Pastor Randle was absolutely amazing. He officiated our wedding today, 12/31/16! He was so kind and gracious. And he performed a spectacular ceremony, with all of our individual customization. I would highly recommend him!  Thank you, Pastor, for an incredible ceremony.

Love, Kelsey and David

A Sunrise Story...Pensacola Beach Weddings sunrise

As the sun rose on the gulf horizon like a perfectly round ball of fire, the bride lay sleeping.  As Pastor Randle wandered aimlessly with the photographer through the white sand, the bride lay sleeping.  As the seagulls soared and the pelicans skimmed the blue ocean, the entire wedding party lay sleeping.

Finally, a loud banging on the condo door awoke my husband to be.  Very apprehensively he approached my bed, tapped ever so lightly on my cheek and proceeded to say…”Honey, don’t be mad.. It’s 5:45 and the preacher is here.”  I looked him square in the eye thinking to myself “…let me count the ways,” and then replied through gritted teeth, “NICE, MIKE.”

Within seconds I sprang from the bed, ran to the rest room, brushed my teeth, washed my face, grabbed my makeup and curling iron as I could hear him running through the condo yelling, “Get up! Get up!  The preacher is here, we’re missing the sunrise!”  I’m running in circles with a checklist in my head, marriage license, rings, flowers, dress, hair (oh well), makeup, all the while still gritting my teeth.  For about ten minutes I was so angry I didn’t know what to do.  Do I call the wedding off?  Do I re-schedule it?  Do I scream at Mike since he was the one who assured me the alarm was set for 4:30 a.m. and not to worry about a thing?  Then suddenly I thought about the Veteran’s Day celebration scheduled for noon that day.  I stopped, relaxed my face, took a deep breath and broke down laughing.  I laughed myself almost to tears.  Somehow, I was able to put the whole thing into perspective. I figured our troops in Afghanistan aren’t worried about it, so why should I be?

My plan was to be in bed by 9:00 p.m. Friday night, though Mike and my brother insisted we go dancing and celebrate just a little before the big morning.  Four of my dear friends were driving fifteen hours or more from Stillwater to surprise me, so it was their job to keep me out until they arrived.  To my knowledge there weren’t going to be any guests other than my brother, my soon-to-be stepdaughter and and her boyfriend. As you can imagine, I was blown away when they led me out to the back deck of Banana Bob’s to find my friends all standing there with these “gotcha” looks on their faces.  Needless to say, we danced the night away and almost slept the morning away.  Pastor Randle was so nice and understanding.  He said a seven piece band at Banana Bob’s can make a lot of people late for a lot of things.

They all waited for me on the beach, the groom wondering if I was coming down to join them.  I did, arm in arm with my brother, the one who forgot to put the tape in the video camera.  (Still not awake) My stepdaughter’s boyfriend, bless his heart, was the lucky one assigned to work the video camera and film the ceremony.  Unfortunately, he figured out halfway through the ceremony that there was no tape in it. I can still picture him panning around looking like quite the professional. Faking me out is what he was doing.  Pretending he had it all under control for fear of interrupting the ceremony since the morning had already been mass chaos.  It wasn’t until later in the day that my brother found the courage to tell me we had no video.  Imagine that.

Krispy Kreme donuts, champagne and orange juice took the place of cake and punch.  The Blue Angels air show took the place of a traditional reception.  (I guess you could say we had 125,000 people at our reception). It was the most incredible show I’ve ever seen.  If you ever get the chance to see The Blue Angels, don’t miss them.  They’re unbelievable! We were all filled with so much pride and respect for our country. Not to mention the honor we felt when we read in the air show that one of only sixteen Blue Angels was originally from Stillwater, Oklahoma, #7 Narrator, Lt. Dan Martin, USN.  How cool is that?

I suppose just waking up every day is reason enough to rejoice. Pensacola Beach is beautiful from sunup to sundown.  Who needs a schedule? This is one bride, who by the end of her wedding day, was that much more proud to be an American, Mrs. Michael Pollaro.  What a beautiful, memorable day it was.  Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff.

Michael & Shelbi Pollaro

Married on Pensacola Beach, Florida

5:45 a.m., (correction) 6:30 a.m.

Pensacola Beach Weddings 7.2014


Photo credits:  Lynas Randle Lajter, Pensacola Beach Weddings 

Joe Culpepper,


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They did an excellent job. I had lots of question about things there since we were out of state. She answers everyone and then some. She went far and beyond for us. I won't ever be able to think them enough for them helping make our special day.

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