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Your wedding or vow renewal is personal. Your package should be as well. Choose from a Pre-designed Package, or feel free to create your own package from our many options. Then, submit your inquiry at the  bottom of this page. We will get back to you quickly with prices and information and lots of kindness.            




"Champagne on the Sand"

INCLUDES Officiant, Bamboo Arch, Photography, Personalized Keepsake Box, Bridal Bouquet and Groom's Boutonniere, Rose Petal Heart, Champagne for Two, Two Champagne Flutes to take home.....$1,499


"Music on the Sand"

INCLUDES Officiant, Bamboo Arch, Photography, Personalized Keepsake Box, Bridal Bouquet and Groom's Boutonniere, Sand Ceremony, Personalized Ring Shell, One Hour Guitar, Two complimentary dinners at a premier beach restaurant.....$1,999


"Classic Celebration on the Sand"

INCLUDES Officiant, Bamboo Arch, Photography, Personalized Keepsake Box,  Classic White Bridal Bouquet and Groom's Boutonniere, Rose Petal Heart or Aisle, White Aisle Decorations, P.A. System ....$1,699 


OR, Create your own package by choosing
from the options below.....

Officiant - We provide a respected Officiant to provide your ceremony. We will then file the signed marriage license with the Office of the County Clerk.  Each couple is responsible for obtaining the license from the County Clerk and bringing it to the wedding. 

Bamboo Arch - Choose to have your arch decorated with flowers and greenery, or fabric, or any combination you like.  We'll make it beautiful for you.  

White Garden Arch - An alternative to the Bamboo Arch, this can also be dressed in flowers and greenery, or fabric, or any combination. 

Photography - We will provide a creative and experienced photographer to take pictures of your wedding and photos afterward on site.  You will also receive a flash drive of your wedding photos and your choice of 50 prints. 

Videography –   You'll have access to one of the best videographers in the Panhandle.  

 We pride ourselves on capturing the moments that are meaningful to you, as well as those photos that we watch for that you may not have noticed or thought of. We’re relaxed, and our eyes see special moments that take place between just the two of you, as well as with your friends and family who are there to share your happiness with you. 

We do this by using our instincts, experience, and joy for our art.  

Elegantly, naturally, simply. 

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Flowers for the Wedding Couple  -   When you include flowers in your package, we offer a gorgeous bridal bouquet with your ideas in mind, along with a boutonniere for your groom. If you'll want additional flowers, we will gladly provide you with a reasonable quote. Give us your colors and style and we'll take it from there. 

We reserve the right to make substitutions based on availability and quality of our suppliers’ flowers at the time of ordering.  In this event, the integrity of the proposed color scheme and style will be matched as closely as possible and maintained. If I don't think your flowers look as beautiful as they should, I am comfortable using my professional discretion. 

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Our Handcrafted Ring Shell - Personalized with your first names and wedding date, Lynas creates a one of a kind memento of your beautiful day. Take it home and keep it in a special place, or use it for your jewelry on your dresser to enjoy long after your vows have been said.

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Rose Petal Heart Stand in a heart-shaped design of fresh rose petals.


Rose Petal Aisle – Walk down your aisle carpeted with cool, fresh rose petals. 

Rose Petal Eternity Circle - A circle represents totality, wholeness, the original perfection. It's the ideal symbolic space to stand within while saying your vows to each other. 


Sand Ceremony – The equivalent to the Unity Candle Ceremony, the Sand Ceremony symbolizes the joining of your two lives together. 

Pensacola Beach Weddings Heather  Sean Sand Ceremony


White Chairs – Provide white, clean, comfortable chairs for your special guests. 

Seashell Toss -  We'll hand out beautiful seashells to your guests as they arrive. Invite your guests to join you both at the water's edge following the ceremony and say a prayer or a wish as everybody tosses their shells into the water at the same time!


One Hour of Live Music of your Choice. – Music is what feelings sound like.  Guitar, Saxophone, Steel Drum, Violin.  Have instrumental music playing as your guests arrive, as the bride walks down the aisle and after the first time you’re introduced as husband and wife. Take one beach, lots of sun shine, some good music, and you have just created a sweet memory.  


Public Address System – We will provide a small PA system that will ensure that all your guests can hear the ceremony, and through which special songs may be played. P.A. is available for use during the ceremony only.  It is important to have your 3 - 4 song choices to me at least one week prior to your event. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that they will be downloaded for your event. J

Custom Designed Large Paperweights - Create another kind of memento using a special picture, words from your ceremony, lyrics to a favorite song, or artwork in our custom made large paperweights. 3" across, they make a beautiful practical accessory or a lovely piece of art.

Pensacola Beach Weddings photo paperweight 3 inch


Butterfly Release – According to legend, by making a wish and giving the butterfly its freedom, the wish will be taken to the heavens to be granted.   A dozen or more butterflies are handled with meticulous care and will be resting soundly in the cool environment of insulated housing, designed specifically to protect them prior to release. We wouldn’t accept anything less.  (Available between April and October, depending upon air temperature.)

Best butterflies 5 x 3 300dpi 8186


Two Dove Release – A two dove release represents the beginning of a new life together. Doves can be released only during daylight hours to ensure a safe flight home.  


Aisle Decorations - Based on your vision and ideas, we will come up with a price that fits both your budget and your dreams. Keep it simple or go wild! It's up to you. We never use a cookie-cutter approach with anything we design!

Consultant If you have questions about the local area, or want to schedule hair, nails, or massage appointments, I can help. Tell me what you are looking for, I’ll be happy to do the legwork for you! Unlimited personal, phone, text, or email consultations. I'm here to hold your hand, reassure, and give you peace of mind. 

Rehearsal Fee - $75



 Please click here and submit this form to let us know what you want in your package. We will be in touch with you quickly with prices and information. We're happy to answer all of your questions. 


Normal bamboo and chair set up is included  at our regularly used sites in our Beach Wedding Packages.  Additional setup fees apply depending on the accessibility to the setup location, and behind hotel or condominium properties.  


If the location is of your choosing, we ask that you clearly communicate the location of the wedding site with us in advance. Thanks!    


We offer flexibility in working with you to create the wedding or vow renewal you want.  We do respectfully ask that minimal changes be made to your package within two weeks of the date of your wedding, as our vendors need to be secured and hold your date on their calendars, and we frequently must front those costs that they require. Of course, we’re always happy to help if something comes up. 


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